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Hello to everyone whoever reads this post. So, let’s start with a brief introduction.

My story relating to this blog started in 2015. This year I graduated from the University of Helsinki, where I studied Russian literature as a major. Literature was a pretty natural choice for me since I always adored reading and wanted to do literature research professionally. My choice fell exactly on Russian literature because I am Russian and despite the fact that I lived in Finland for most of my life I found myself closest to the world of Russian culture.

Study at university felt pretty awesome, and I felt like it was the right choice for me. Ok, so, finally, in 2015 I wrote my Masters’ Thesis about Russian émigré literature in France and that’s where it ended. Anyway, after graduation, I realized quickly enough that the Master of Arts degree is nothing to do with the real world. Especially if you study something like literature. When you get to university right after school you are not probably thinking about your future job, you just want to do what you like the best. Ok, maybe you were lucky more (or you were smarter than me, which is quite likely) but I thought exactly like that.

As you probably already understood, my university degree did not allow me to find a job in my own field. Mostly because such a field just doesn’t exist in Finland. After realizing that I started thinking about what I should do in this situation. At this point, I decided that it is time to find a “real job”. I sent my CV to all possible places and got ton of rejections, when one day in 2016 an ad caught my eye: “Tram driver, HSL Helsinki”.

Since my impressive career as a tram driver is not the topic of this blog, let’s move to 2019 straight away. I guess, later I will write something also about working as a tram driver. Anyway, not today.

So, 2019 was the year I decided to change the sector in which I was working. Because of this, I thought it was worth going to study again. My choice fell on information technology because in addition to Russian literature I have also always been interested in computers and coding.

In my future posts, I will talk about my studies at university as well as about my self-studies. I will also try to write about my own small projects and other things like that. HTML, CSS, JS, React, driving downtown during rush hour, you name it. Stay tuned and thank you for reading this.

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