[7] React Native and my current state of affairs

In the last few weeks, I was a little tired of learning React and JavaScript. Therefore, I decided to try some new things. I do not know if it is a negative impact of that notorious "JavaScript fatigue". In any case, there are also good sides. At least I widened my horizons a bit by learning new technologies.

First, I took a Design for Developers course by Sarah Drasner from the FrontendMasters. It gave me some inspiration to implement alternative approaches in the design of web applications. I have also refreshed my knowledge of Grid and CSS in general.

Then I had a brief (very brief) look at the Svelte course by Rich Harris himself. I find Svelte to be a very promising and intriguing framework, and I will definitely go back to learn it when I will have more time.

Further, I was interested in React Native because of its flexibility and the option to develop both Android and iOS applications at the same time. That way, I started with a React Native course by Kadi Kraman. This course was good enough for starting with React Native, but on the other hand, it was too short and left me with a lot of questions and concerns. For that reason, I bought an Udemy React Native - The Practical Guide course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, which is much more complete and comprehensive.

At the moment, I have passed about 20% of the course (it is 30+ hours long). I also made my first React Native App, which is a to-do app, just like my last React project. I will try to develop it during the course, and my goal would be to make a simple and useful application with a clear design. Currently, the code of the project can be found on my GitHub.

Blog: https://create-react-app.com/

Site: https://proj.create-react-app.com/

Site (mirror on github): https://villivald.github.io/proj/

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