[17] Becoming a Web Developer: Fall-Winter 2020

It feels like it is finally time for my current situation overview after the long break since I published my previous post in mid-December.

During the last couple of months, there were a lot of things happening, so there was not enough time for writing at all:

  1. The chaotic movement to a new apartment in early January. Note to future me: please do not ever move again in the wintertime without a truck or, at least, something larger than an Opel Astra.
    Alt Text
  2. Keeping a 1-year streak by going to the gym four times a week + cycling + running sometimes. I can assure you it is possible, but not very easy when you combine it with work and studies.
    Alt Text
  3. Looking for a new job (still with no result) and study (112/240 ECTS). Taking part in many job interviews and university courses.
  4. I also improved my webpage a lot, and added new pages, such as Books and Courses.
    Alt Text
  5. Lighthouse score went from the ’50s to almost 100 in all categories. I made a PWA version as well.
    Alt Text
  6. As for my website, I started the migration to Typescript, which does not make a lot of sense at the moment. Anyway, I hope I will see the difference as the website grows.
    Alt Text
  7. I finished Front End Libraries Certification at FreeCodeCamp. It was fun, and the information I got feels useful, except it seems to me that Redux is not something I am going to use a lot.
    Alt Text

What I am doing right now:

  1. Besides my major university studies, I also started to learn Typescript at Udemy.
    Alt Text
  2. I also took one React-related course from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences via CampusOnline, but not sure if I have enough time to finish it.
  3. In addition to that, there are a lot of different courses at my university right now: Audiovisual technologies, 3D Modelling, Game Design, Software engineering and architecture, Data structures and algorithms, Software maintenance and testing, and Java Course.

My plans for the next couple of weeks/months:

  1. The next blog post, which will be in a form of Mega JavaScript CheatSheet. It would be something like this Markdown cheat sheet, which I did a couple of weeks ago just for myself.
    Alt Text
  2. New Top 15. I have found so many new tools and resources, that I just need to share them.
    Alt Text
  3. I am looking forward to learning some new inspiring technologies, such as Next.js and Vue. I also would like to improve my current knowledge of JavaScript and React.
  4. And last but not least, an active search for a new IT-related job continues.

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