[30] Accepting defeat and plans for the future


It is a time to admit the loss. I think I will finally give up on the idea of writing "long, useful, and meaningful" blog posts. Unfortunately, I have a lot of ideas but not enough energy to write them down. As English is not my native language, it takes way too much time to write and even more time to edit and process the text to be readable. Not to mention fully expressing my thoughts in full.

So, from now I will relax and just write some short notes about what I have done and what I have been doing lately. Maybe it'll turn into something meaningful over time. We will see. I will try to do it more regularly as well. I guess it is a win-win situation. For who? I do not know yet.

Latest projects


The main goal for this summer/fall was to finally get all my current pet projects to v. 1.0.0. Today, I can say that I have achieved this goal. I have released the first versions of all my projects.

The shiny new things I used while rebuilding those projects above:

My learning experience - FrontendMasters x Github

Ideas and plans for the future

Random thoughts

grammarly The reason? I do not know any rare words.

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