[11] PHP and the Latest News from the Front Line

Literally, the other day, I finished a university course that was called Web and Game technologies basics. It included a brief introduction of the PHP, MariaDB, Linux (Bash), and some server-side interactions as well.

To be honest, I had huge prejudices about PHP as a modern programming language. So, I was surprised when I heard what language was chosen for this course. For some reason, PHP always reminded me of times when I tried to make simple sites while going to school in early 2000. Anyway, it turned out, that in some sense, PHP is really an obsolete language with a strange syntax. But, on the other hand, it still has a large amount of code written on it and remains in demand.

The general assignment on the course was an implementation of a website, with which the user can view the price catalog of a local liquor store. It was also necessary that the user can be able to filter the search results in a few different ways. It was a difficult enough assignment for a beginner like me, especially given that I haven't made anything with PHP before.

To complete the assignment, I had to create a container on the school server. Install there the PHP support, PHPMyAdmin, and database (MariaDB) as well as the webserver (Lighttpd). After that, I had to turn the given .csv file with the catalog into a database. Finally, when I had a working database with the right data, I could build the website using PHP. At last, I got the result, which meets most of the requirements, but nevertheless has certain flaws.

On the image below you can see an example of the interface.



As you might know, Hacktoberfest is almost over. So, you understand what I mean (t-shirt).




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